Chemistry D3 Review

What the Chemistry Surfboards site says about the D3:

‘Based off of our popular Disk series and the success of our Disk 2 model, the D3 takes it to the next level. It is more high performance but loses no fun. We added more entry and tail rocker to the Disk 2 while slightly pulling in the nose and tail. The bottom contour is a deep double barrel concave feeding off the tail. This model works well as a quad or thruster so it is equipped with a 5 fin set up. The D3 model is the perfect board to cheat on while still being able to surf progressively in waves from knee to head high. The perfect everyday board when surfing below average waves is the norm.’

Image Source: Chemistry Surfboards

Image Source: Chemistry Surfboards

Image Source: Chemistry Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“Finding the perfect small-wave surfboard is a feat. It is. Surfers often order a board that is too thick or too wide, causing the board to be slow and stiff. However, Chemistry’s D3 model is the perfect balance between function and performance.” – Grind TV

“This D3 works well in a wide variety of wave size and conditions. Anything from knee high to overhead. The added rocker and refined nose and tail puts this board in the high performance range for smaller boards. Small and mushy or hollow, to big and mushy or hollow, this board gives you the versatility and performance you need.” – Boardcave

“LOVE at first sight….” – user ade_kayyy on Instagram

“I can’t wait!!!” – user shayneadams10 on Instagram

“D3 – CLA approved.” – Max John on Facebook

Size Chart:

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