Channel Islands Warp Review

What the Channel Islands site says about the Warp:

‘In late 2010 Channel Islands team rider and 1977 World Champ Shaun Tomson came to us wanting to design a board for the young at heart guy who wants a performance board but still wants to get the most out of the average waves they often find themselves riding. He also wanted a board that would get into waves quickly with immediate get up and go acceleration. The result was the Warp. This board features more volume, allowing for easy paddling and wave-catching. A single concave under the front foot allows for punchy drive on takeoffs and the double concave blending to a vee provide lift and easy rail-to-rail transitions. The Warp comes standard as a swallow tail. Ride the Warp about 1 to 2 inches longer than your height.

As of 2012 this board is CUSTOM ONLY.’

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What people are saying about it:

“Stoked, all my other boards are gathering dust.. got a 6′ 7″ warp and can’t believe the speed and how it loves rail 2 rail and yes at 60! I’ am well into my 45 plus plus…” – Lenny on

“I really like the idea of this board, with the flyer a little higher up, in a thruster set. Looks like a great older/bigger guy shortboard from a right gentlemanly dude. You can tell this shape has a lot of Ventura/SB influence happening.” – finboy3 on

“I rode it a couple times and it was really stable with your feet up but would turn pretty well if you moved your foot all the way back.” – silentbutdeadly on

“Although it was only 5’9” there was enough hidden thickness and width that it paddled well and was able to make it through flat spots. Although the bottom third of the board looks like something out of the 80s, all the bells and whistles are on the bottom making for a high performance stick with the distinguished gentleman in mind. Two thumbs up.” – Justin Cote/Editor on

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