Channel Islands The Cheese Stick Review

What the Channel Islands site says about The Cheese Stick:

‘In 2010 we worked with Yadin Nicol to completely redesign his quiver to excel in the average conditions on the WQS Tour and created the Cheese Stick. Top-level surfers are trending toward shorter boards with a wider nose and tail. This allows the Cheese Stick to be ridden shorter but keep paddling volume. The Cheese Stick also has more flip in the nose and tail than its now distant cousin. Yadin says the tail flip gets him one more maneuver per wave and makes it easier to land reverse. Ride the Cheestick 1″ to 3″ longer than you are tall. As of 2012 this board is CUSTOM ONLY.’


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What people are saying about it:

The board works really well in all types of conditions and I’m definitely picking out a few more for the Q.S tour.” – Corry Arrambide on Vimeo

It’s super versatile and can be ridden shrunken down for use in super small stuff too.” – The Surf Station on YouTube

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