Channel Islands Twin Fin Review

What the Channel Islands Surfboards website says about the Twin Fin:

‘The Twin Fin has a retro 70’s feel, with updated performance qualities.

It was originally designed and hand shaped by Britt Merrick when asked to compete in a surf contest where shapers ride retro boards they have created themselves. Inspired by a twin fin that his father Al had shaped for himself in the late 70’s, and that a friend had recently found at a garage sale, Britt took a template off it, drew it on a blank and updated the rocker to have a more modern feel with added positive drive and carving ability. Thus, the new CI Twin Fin was born. The Twin Fin has been tested by Britt, Dane and CI Factory pilots in everything from weak beach breaks to good Rincon and has proved to be a fast and fun wave catching machine. To offset negative characteristics of a usual high-volume retro design, the Twin Fin’s rails are tapered and relatively thin feeling for added sensitivity and responsiveness.’


Image Source: Channel Islands Surfboards

Image Source: Channel Islands Surfboards

Image Source: Channel Islands Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“I’ve surfed in a variety of waves, it’s pretty fun on your rip bowls and beach breaks and shoreys, where it’s a bit junkie and you’re connecting sections and doing turns and that. It’s really quick, it gets pace through floaters and what not and it picks up a lot of speed.

The board is, I would say, one of the better boards I’ve ridden. It’s probably not for everyone though, probably more of an intermediate kind of advanced surfer board. It’s challenging to ride at times but I think it definitely improves your surfing.” – Craig of Compare Surfboards

“The board was setup with a set of FUTURES T1 twins with no trailer/stabilizer. I found the board extremely fast over flat sections, Coming off the bottom the board had plenty of drive and would generate speed easily. The slight Vee through the tail meant it transitioned well on rail and through turns. Having no stabiliser meant that It was a little looser through the last part of a turn however this was a not a bad thing once I was on a bigger wall or hitting a closeout section as it would almost correct itself without me having to think about it. – Pat of Sunburnt Mess

“The “Twin Fin” as it was imaginatively named, was put through it’s paces in everything from weak beachies to the long carvable walls of Rincon. All the pilots agreed that the Twin Fin was a real “crowd pleaser”, out-paddled the mob and proved to be a real wave catching machine.” – Boardshop on YouTube

“My new favourite board the #citwinfin would almost be rude to not have one of these for summer.” – user fraserdovell on Instagram

Size Chart:

Here are videos we found of Channel Islands Surfboards’ Twin Fin:


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How’s your experience with Channel Islands Surfboards’ Twin Fin?

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  • Fastest twin I’ve ridden so far. Steps up really well.