Channel Islands Hoglet Review

What the Channel Islands site says about the Hoglet:

‘We kept seeing custom orders for super-short versions of our popular Waterhog. The results were too fun looking to ignore. With a wide nose and generous rocker throughout, the Hoglet is a fun wave-catcher that can turn on a dime. Ride this board any length you want.’

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What people are saying about it:

“Picked this up a few weeks ago and have been out twice on it, love it! Have ridden it as a tri and quad with the nubster fifth fin, felt good either way and looking forward to ridding it as just a quad; definitely has some performance capabilities and good paddle. Both time out people inquired about what I was ridding because wave count was rather high and still was hitting the lip.” – Augustus Cesar on YouTube

“Bought a 5`5“, i`m 37 years young, 67 kg and consider my self as an intermediate/advanced surfer. Only had one surf session with it, but it`s everything i expected… easy to ride, paddle, and when surfed on your back foot it really looks like a shortboard. A good option on those small days when it`s hard to go with a board with less volume.” – Ricardo on

“Don’t be fooled by the super-wide nose, the Hoglet is without doubt a shortboard and will perform with the best. The generous rocker allows the Hoglet to turn on a dime and the smooth rounded pintail will work in all conditions and suit a wide range of waves from peeling points to playful beachies.

The key to the Hoglet’s appeal is the wide nose and it’s ability to catch waves early. Not only is it perfect for the weaker summer swells but it’s the ideal tool for “cheating” the summer crowds and the pack on the peak.” – BoardShop

“A shortened down version of the ever-popular Waterhog, the Channel Islands 5’7″ Hoglet Surfboard is designed with fun in mind. With a wide nose and generous rocker, this speedy little fun stick will have you smiling ear-to-ear.” –

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