Channel Islands Black And White Review

What the Channel Islands website says about the Black And White:

‘An all around, high performance shortboard designed for down the line speed and easy rail-to-rail transitions, the Black & White is based on a favorite hand shape Britt Merrick made Dane Reynolds for Santa Barbara area point breaks. Dane related its feel to a good MBM.

The Black & White has a fairly low entry rocker, a staged flat-ish section between the feet, and an accelerated kick out the tail. A single concave runs the length of the board, is deepest near the front fins and shallows into a hint of vee exiting the tail block.

A flat deck design, the Black & White offers improved flex characteristics, a solid under-your-feet feel, and full rails. The board should be ridden about your same height to 2″ longer than you are tall. Because of the flat deck ride the board 1/8” thinner than your normal shortboard to keep the same general volume.

The Black & White is suitable for most surfers in most types of surf where a shortboard is appropriate.’

Image Source: Channel Islands Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“I just picked up a 5’10” Flex Bar Black and White and I am super stoked with it. I am a big fan of the increased pop out of the turns that I get from stringerless EPS boards. Add that to the reduced weight and increased flotation/paddle power and I am not sure I will ever go back to a stock PU board again. I normally surf punchy beach break and the Flex Bar Black and White gets me in early and has plenty of drive to get me down the line on those near close out days. The board carries its speed really well through big carves and has just the right amount of rocker for big snaps as well. I have been riding it everyday and I am super stoked on it.” – user Matt Walls on Channel Islands website

“Stoked to see this on the market as I’m a big MBM fan and now I can ride a shorter MBM feel type board with the same volume as my usual larger MBM boards. This will fit well into my quiver which will now be… Pod Mod, Black and White, Fred Rubble, MBM, and of course the beloved 6’9″ Black beauty. Gotta love CI boards, they make life a beautiful thing.” – user Bob on Channel Islands website

“I really like the instant speed of the lower nose rocker on the black and white, really helps getting into waves early and paddling.” – user Matthew Jones on YouTube

“just used the board, in solid 6 feet glassy waves. Just felt the board very low entry rocker as described, good power paddle, but exit rocker is not pronunced at all, pretty straight too, or at least mine compared to my other boards. Mine is a 5 11 stock dims. Not versatile at all, this board felt hard to make tight turns in the pocket. Not very happy with it but i will still continue trying it to see if i can get used to it.” – user Patricia Florio on YouTube

“I’ve got the 6’2 x 19 1/2 x 2 7/16 and it’s a really really nice board. Paddles really well. Feels great under foot – sensitive but controlled. Just feels like an extension of your body. Doesn’t love messy conditions though. Seems to want super clean and powerful chest to a good amount overhead (don’t we all?!) I rate it very highly. I found that for me it was infinitely better with the bigger AM2 template than some medium sized fins I’ve tried (I’m 178lbs).” – user DroppingOn on SURFER Magazine forum

“Got a chance to surf one today in semi walled waist to chest high beach break. My 2 pennies: My impression was similar to other things I’ve read about. It has great down the line speed. Easy rail to rail transitions. Paddled and caught waves way easier than I expected. On the flip side though, I felt like this wouldn’t be a great board for vertical pocket ripping – need more time on it to know for sure. Seems like this board likes to drive down line, float” – user potomus on SURFER Magazine forum

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