Canvas Pomp Review

What the Canvas Surfboards site says about the Pomp:

‘The Pomp combines a modern shortboard rail with a performance egg outline. The nose resembles a rounded egg shape with the wide point pushed slightly forward for streamline speed. The bottom has unique channels between the side fins and the center fin that flow off the rail. These channels grab the face through turns with slight V between the channels off the end or the tail. It’s meant to be ridden in head high and under surf. It’s a great board for surfers looking for a modern board with a little bit of extra paddling power.’

Image Source: Canvas Surfboards

Image Source: Canvas Surfboards

Image Source: Canvas Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“The Pomp is best surfed in head height and below. With plenty of speed and a five fin setup, you can really push this board to the limits. Extra paddling power will ensure you catch all the waves you want.” – Boardcave

“Nice Board!!!!” – user Grace Nakahara on Facebook

“Man that looks fun.” – user Danny Stremel on Facebook

Size Chart:

Here is a video we found of the Canvas Surfboards Pomp:

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