Album Wilderness Review

What the Album website says about the Wilderness:

‘We took the concept of a traditional fish and reconfigured it into a template that works as a completely functional step up in good waves or a board that flows with speed and drive off of a longer rail line in average surf. This is the Wilderness. Take it to Blacks on a good day and get in early and get piped or paddle it out at Middles on a burgery high tide dawn patrol. A really unique board. Unlimited speed. Usually set up as a twin or quad in a wide range of lengths. Go narrower if you’re looking for more of a step up, go a little wider for more average surf.’

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What people are saying about it:

“The best days for your Wilderness will depend on what you want it to do. As a very unique step-up fish, this board will love solid overhead barrels. Or ordered with a more traditional outline and you have a very functional board that will be a blast in the average day conditions we get 90% of the time.” –

“Wow look another perfectly good surfboard just left on the beach. I am on the way…”MY PRECIOUS!” @albumatt I saw it 1st…” – user thejohnnydangerously on Instagram

“Need to pick myself up one of these. You shape some beautiful looking boards mate.” – user n8hunt on Instagram

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