Album Swing Review

What the Album site says about the Swing:

‘A go-to hybrid that takes some elements of the Polyphonic & Disc in a stubby, user-friendly, fast outline. Can fit in a tight pocket or tube but can also get up to speed instantly with a quick step on the front foot to get around a section or carry your speed in flatter, mushier surf. Ride it short, add a little width, and ride it at your normal thickness. Goes great with the 5-fin optional setup.’

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22.2 - 38.5 LVolume
2-8ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The Swing is designed to be very versatile for the waves it can handle. A little wider and shorter than your traditional shortboard, but keep the same thickness. Add in the rounded out tail and bottom contours, and you have a board that not only will fit snug in a tight pocket or surfing in the tube, but will handle smaller mushy was as well.

The Swing is really best in all conditions. Knee high and mushy to head high and barreling. Punchy beach breaks or lined up points, the Swing loves it all.” – Boardcave

“Similarly, in less powerful and softer waves, if your board doesn’t have enough volume, your wave count is going to go down. Bogging your rails and sinking into the wave could even ruin your session. These kind of waves call for a mush machine like the – Album Swing or the Stamps FX – to keep you going.” – Boardcave on

“This board is gorgeous!!” – larryhendersonglassart on Instagram

“That thing looks sick. I love my dad’s 6’8 single fin (that he wont get back).” – corysurfsh2o on Instagram

“This is perfect.” – alpharon on Instagram

“I’m in love with this one.” – aoedewatches on Instagram

“That’s the hottest board I’ve ever seen.” – b_mezy on Instagram

Size chart:

Here is a video we found of the Album Swing:

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