Album Sledge Review

What the Album site says about the Sledge:

‘Similar theory as the Ledge but made for everyday surf. Relaxed, fuller outline with the same paddle power and foam distribution. Can be surfed shorter as a stubbier alternative or stretch it out for soft open-faced points. A really functional alternative shape. We do a lot of these as Bonzers or five fins with a stubbier squash tail.’

Image Source : Album Surfboards

Image Source : Album Surfboards

Image Source : BoardCave

What people are saying about it:

“The Sledge is designed to be the little brother to the Ledge, made for slightly smaller, everyday kind of surf. The Sledge is made to handle a wide variety of waves and conditions. Anywhere from 2 foot to 6 foot, mushy or peaky, lined up and barreling, or punchy shore break. You can set this board up with a wide range of fin configurations depending on what you want out of it.” – BoardCave

“I love this board.” – User riguerin on Instagram

“So rad looking.” – User theandylangeland on Instagram

“Man this one is sexy.” – User _thomaa on Instagram

Size Chart:

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Here are Instagram pictures we found of the Album Sledge:

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