Album Polyphonic Review

What the Album Surfboards site says about the Polyphonic:

‘Everyone’s go-to, foundational board to build your quiver around. Low entry rocker that accelerates out the tail. Deep single to double concave. Five fin optional set up for thruster or quad choice. By far one of our most popular models – made to surf everyday and to make surfing FUN. This is the board you leave in your car and can surf no matter what the waves are doing.’

Image Source: Album Surf

Image Source: Album Surf

Image Source: Album Surf

What people are saying about it:

“The Polyphonic is a prime example of modern fish versatility. You can surf this board when the waves are small and sloppy and when it picks up the pulled in outline lets you carve. Ride it 4-6 inches shorter than your shortboard and a little wider.” – Boardcave

“I can’t wait to ride it!!” – Stacey Bodnaruk on Facebook

“I can smell the sea air and feel the sun on my face just looking at this beauty.” – Kourtney PB on Facebook

“Beautiful board!!!” – Todd Durboraw on Facebook

“So beautiful and perfect!” – user tomorrowrise on Instagram

“Oh nice! That’s the board I’ve wanted for ages!” – user 128peoplelikethis on Instagram

“Still my all time favorite shortboard.” – user tmjnorris on Instagram

“Thanks for the killer shred sleds @albumatt #albumsurfboards #albumpolyphonic” – user juan_schultz on Instagram

Size Chart:

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