You Do Not Want to Miss Kelly Slater’s Continuance

Kelly Slater’s Continuance Part 1 is a must-see

Kelly Slater has come out with another gorgeously produced documentary. Covering his time in Australia, Continuance Part 1 gets up close with Kelly, talking family, surfing and mindset.

The doco gives you glimpses of Kelly in competition mode, and at his most laid back. You learn why Australia has a special place in the surfer’s heart, and hear from friends and peers about his thinking and the champion’s mystique. You find out, too: what does Kelly have in his pantry, how does he choose a board, and what has become of all those trophies? And of course the film provides ample footage of Kelly doing what he’s best known for.

While Continuance could easily devolve into shameless self-promotion or hero-worship, it is none of that. The candidness of the series, its engagement and its visual aesthetics make it a must-watch look at the current life and thinking of the 11-time world champion.

See the full video HERE.

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