Remembering Occy’s 1985 Pipe Masters Win

Mark Occhilupo or more widely known as Occy, the host of the Occ-Cast recently interviewed the 2016 Winner of the Pipe Invitationals, 16-year-old Finn McGill, where they discussed about the upcoming 2016 Billabong Pipe Masters and McGill’s qualification into the contest.

It is amazing how a first-time Pipe Masters qualifier gets to talk with a former Pipe Masters Champion about this prestigious event. Two surfers from different generations were brought together by decades running Pipe Masters event.

It would be interesting to have another look at the past where Occy is featured in this video that talks about his win during the 1985 Pipe Masters. In the said year, 16-year-old Mark Occhilupo paddled out with legends like Michael Ho and won his first ever Pipe Masters title and a $6000 check.