Mason Ho Talks About His ‘Pelvic Thrust’ Claim at the Volcom Pipe Pro

There are polarizing opinions among pro surfers and surfing fans when it comes to the subject of claiming. There are those who agree that it is an act of passion that surfers instinctively do during a heat and that it comes naturally. Those opposing it believe that it is used as a tactic to milk a higher score for a mediocre wave after a few mediocre maneuvers. There are others who would argue that it depends on who’s doing it. For instance if a surfer claims all the time, they’d say he has to take a break. On the other hand when someone who never does it and suddenly claims out of a moment of passion, then it could come out as genuine.

In the video clip below, Mason Ho talks about whether claims should be premeditated. Mason said he does not think of his claims and that no one should. Watch it here:

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