Kelly Slater’s Viewpoint

Have you ever wondered what it was like to see what Kelly Slater sees when he surfs? Well, you’re in for a treat in this 360-degree footage that will allow you to see the unique viewpoint of the 11-time World Champion, Kelly Slater.

This footage was taken during a trip to the South Pacific for the filming of Proximity. The director, Taylor Steele showcases the use of Virtual Reality technology in the making of his new movie, which gives a glimpse into the future of filmmaking and telling stories.

Enjoy the view as you experience being there physically and feel like you’re with Kelly Slater and John John Florence. Press play in the video below and make use of the panning icon found on the upper left corner of the video to virtually surf with the King.

(Note: Safari users may need to use a different web browser to view it.)


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