Kelly Slater’s View on Family and Relationship, Insecurity, Sobriety and Surfing

As an 11-time world surfing champion, Kelly Slater surely serves as an inspiration not only to his fellow surfers but to his fans as well. He continues to prove that he’s one of the greatest athletes in the surfing world having won world titles, making a change in the industry by creating the first man-made wave pool, and venturing into a few businesses. His hopes of winning a championship for 2017 may have been put to rest due to a broken foot, but he continues to give us good news.

Apart from his great surfing skills, what else can we learn from the 11x world champ? In this three-minute video, he talks about insecurities and pain, family stuff, success, pitfalls in relationships, and of course surfing.

Watch the video below:

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