Five Minutes Of Surf Pro Fun in Wavegarden Cove

If Wavegarden’s five-minute edit is anything to go by, Kelly’s wave pool has some serious competition. The video shows the likes of Matt Wilkinson, Gabe Medina and Filipe Toledo doing their thing in wave after perfect wave.

Among the tantalizing details shared by Wavegarden in the clip, we learn that their technology produces several different kinds of waves, and that wave frequency can be programmed to the precise number of surfers in the water.

The pros are obviously impresssed:

“If I had every day to surf a wave like this, I would surf it for sure. It can get you to another level.” – Aleho Muniz

“There was no shortage of waves, for sure. There was almost too many.” – Josh Kerr

“To practice, there’s nothing better. There was like, 500 waves came through in the time we’ve been here.” – Matt Wilkinson

Watch the video and enjoy a glimpse of what promises to be the future of wave pools.

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