WSL Hires Shark Surveillance for This Year’s J-Bay Open

Wold Surf League hires the services of SMS (Shark Mitigation Systems) to monitor the lineup in the upcoming J-Bay Open. Jeffreys Bay in South Africa is where a dramatic, near-tragic shark attack on Mick Fanning occurred during the finals of 2015 J-Bay Open. Mick Fanning was lucky he has not sustained any injury in the incident.

SMS’s patented ‘Clever Buoy’ makes use of sonar technology to scan the water for marine life, relaying information back to officials on land real time. If a shark or anything similar is spotted, the contest organizers will be ready to take the precautionary measures necessary to keep the surfers safe.

The ‘Clever Buoys’ acting as bodyguards, will definitely help the WSL in their goal to to reduce the chances of a repeat incident of shark attack during the event.

See file footage of shark attack on Fanning below: