WSL Fiji Pro’s Sponsor Revealed

Image Source: Stab Magazine

11-time WSL Champion Kelly Slater founded the clothing brand Outerknown together with John Moore, an acclaimed designer. The brand aims to empower people by inspiring change in the surfing industry. This versatile collection is made of recycled and organic materials sourced from various factories.

Kelly Slater is considered an elite athlete in the surfing industry. He’s won numerous competitions, including those held in Fiji (four times to be exact). He’s surfed the waves of Tavarua and he’s been going back since. He states that he fell in love with the island and it’s his favorite escape.

This special relationship with Fiji will now continue to deepen as Kelly Slater signs the sponsorship for the World Surf League Fiji Pro event. Outerknown is now the official sponsor of Fiji Pro for the next three years for both men’s and women’s competitions.

Fiji Pro was originally sponsored by Quiksilver and then Volcom. At one point, WSL had to call the contest off. Free surfers took over and the event continued over the last few years without a title sponsor.

Volcom Fiji Pro in 2012

Now that Slater has stepped up, surfing fans from all around the world are excited to learn that the event will continue to showcase performances of world-class surfers. Stephanie Gilmore, six-time WSL Women’s Champion and current 2017 tour frontrunner, states, “Fiji has some of the best waves on the planet and is part of the fabric of the Championship Tour. Having Outerknown step up to support men’s and women’s surfing with the OK Fiji Pro for the next three years is a great thing for surfing.”

Beth Greve, Chief Commercial Officer of WSL, states that they are excited to welcome Outerknown to their family. “We look forward to working with them to showcase the world’s best surfers at one of the most incredible events on the Championship Tour,” She adds. On the other hand, John Moore, the Creative Director of Outerknown, says that Fiji is the ultimate destination and the perfect place to celebrate and inspire fans from all around the world.

Excited to watch the OK Fiji Pro? Here’s when the competition heats up:

Women’s Competition: May 28 – June 2; Men’s Event, June 4 – 16

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