World Oceans Day: A Reminder On Plastic Damaging The Ocean

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June 8, 2016 Marks World Oceans Day. While it is a day reflecting on the beauty and blessing of the ocean, It is also a day when the world is reminded of the problems the beloved Oceans are facing.

For this year, The United Nations has chosen to bring plastic pollution to the world’s attention and how plastic, when thrown into the sea, is broken down into tiny particles that get absorbed by the ocean’s wildlife. As a result, people eat the plastic content when they consume seafood.

Surfers have a fair share of the use of plastic for their gear. From fiberglass used to make surfboards, surf leashes mostly made of plastic, fin boxes made of plastic and tailpads made of plastic.

For surfers who benefit from the abundance of the oceans’ waves, World Oceans Day reminds how much damage plastic can do to the ocean, and how every surfer must be responsible to ensure they don’t add up to the plastic pollution.