Will Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch Soon Offer Left-hand Barrels?

A Left Hander Barrel at Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch? Why not?

Everyone in the surfing world, who was amazed to see the perfect barrels that Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch pumps, can expect some changes very soon. Slater, who had millions of followers, has hinted through his social media account that the ranch will soon be offering left hand barrels.

“A few months ago,” Kelly Slater wrote, “we did what obsessive people do: we took something great and took it apart to create something even better.”

“This will mean more waves, more sections and the goofy footers might be pretty excited too,” continued The King.

There have been rumors that the guys at the ranch drained the pool last fall. Are they working on changing the hydrofoil that displaces water to pump waves? Are they making it rideable on the way back like how Wavegarden’s technology works? Or are they coming up with a completely different setup?

In his post, Kelly implied that there are also some more upcoming changes, “I can’t say officially, but there’s some exciting projects on the horizon and I look forward to sharing more with you as the year unfolds.”

Is the Champ giving a hint of more Golden Tickets? Will he be opening the ranch to the public? Will there be similar facilities to be built elsewhere? Will there be an official WSL-sanctioned event to be held in The Surf Ranch?

Kelly’s post has inspired many questions, but no one can do anything but wait for the next developments that The King will slowly reveal, an art he has mastered over the years.

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