What About John John Florence’s Tahiti Knee Injury?

Florence Interview On Becoming Number 1

John John Florence immediately reached for his right knee after his final wave in Billabong Pro Tahiti. “I heard it pop,” said Florence while paddling back to the lineup. Kelly Slater, who was unaware of what happened, took off another wave and had another 9 point ride.

He was informed of Florence’s situation as he paddled back to the lineup. Kelly immediately asked John about his knee, with concern. With little time left in the heat, new world No. 1 conceded to Kelly Slater and climbed onto the back of a ski, where he was last seen rubbing the inside of his right knee.

Fortunately, it does not seem to be a serious one as Florence was able to make his way to the podium unassisted. Florence already flew back to Hawaii, the day after the contest and it left his fans concerned given Hurley Pro is just two weeks away. Everyone is hoping that it’s just a minor setback and that he is back in hundred percent condition for the world title race.