Wave Pool To Be Built In Western Australia

Plans have been released by URBNSURF involving one of their wave pools in Perth, Western Australia. Alfred Cove will be the area where the planned wave pool is set to be built. This will be the third wave pool plan announcement from the company affiliated with Wavegarden. There were already recent announcements of ambitious plans of constructing artificial waves for Melbourne and Sydney.

The proposed wave pool location is at Tompkins Park, situated about nine kilometers away from Perth Central Business District. The proposal reveals a licensed cafe, a rooftop bar, a beach club and an adjustable sized wave that will cater from beginner surfers to those with higher capabilities.

There will still be a lot of hurdles to go through before the dreamed wave pool can become reality. There will have to be approvals from the government, and there will be issues here and there that had to be ironed out. But meanwhile, here is a teaser for what this recently proposed wave pool would be like.