UK Pro Surf Tour Includes Surf Snowdonia Wavepool

UK Pro Surf tour officially includes Surf Snowdonia this year. Dave Reed, director of the UK Pro Surf Tour says “This event will be a major step forward in competitive surfing. Surf Snowdonia will provide a unique platform: With each wave guaranteed and identical the luck factor is eliminated from the competition. The result will be purely based on a surfer’s ability. With predictable, consistent conditions this venue could be a fast-track for any surfer who wishes to rapidly improve their skills.”

When asked about this event, Managing director at Surf Snowdonia Andy Ainscough comments, “As a world-first and world-class facility, we are stoked to be – once again – breaking new ground for the sport of surfing, being asked to feature on the UK Pro Surf Tour is a fantastic privilege and a great milestone for the sport. The Surf Snowdonia Pro Surf Challenge competition day will be an enormously exciting opportunity for our crowd to witness some of the best surfing and surfers this country has to offer.”

Surf Snowdonia started in wonderful beginnings. It took people in awe with Wavegarden technology powering waves beneath the Welsh mountains. The Red Bull contest previously held in this wave pool had been exciting and was a success. But after the event, mechanical issues followed forcing Surf Snowdonia to shut down for a while. Now that the issues have been addressed, they needed to make a loud noise to let everybody know that they are back in business. And there’s no better way than to be featured in the UK Pro Surf Tour.

While not everyone in the world is aware that there is a UK Pro Surf Tour, It’s much like Pro Surf Tours in other countries, but smaller and definitely colder. And with this Kelly Slater wave pool era, it is expected that surfing competitions featuring wave pools will become a norm in the coming years.