The Search For Mick Fanning’s Dream Wave

Photo Credit: Rip Curl

When a friend showed Mick Fanning a photo of a perfectly straight, sand-bottomed barrel, a right-hander appearing to be like Skeleton Bay that breaks the opposite way, he could not help but ask how to get there.

There isn’t much detail about this hidden spot aside from the name, The Snake, and that it may have only been surfed by four people on the entire planet.

Photo Credit: Rip Curl

This wave made the three-time world champ feel like an F1 driver, full of adrenaline rush, down a strip of sand that never seemed to end.

This sand-bottom right is five kilometers long. It breaks 20 meters off the beach and holds six-foot swell, and the best part is, it is not a wave pool! It is a natural phenomenon, way better than what any wave pool could offer.

Photo Credit: Rip Curl

Watch in awe as Mick Fanning shows us “The Snake” in this new episode of The Search by Rip Curl:

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