Superheat: Kelly Slater Vs. Mick Fanning At Bells

The superheat between Kelly Slater and Mick Fanning came into play in Heat Four of the third round of the 2017 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach. Coming into the heat, both guys had multiple World Championship Titles – Slater and Fanning both had four bells beach trophies in their collection. Both had a career head-to-head wins of 9 against 9. Now they are breaking the 9 vs. 9 tie in career head-to-head battles.

Slater got the first wave with a 4.50 and Fanning answered back in the early exchange scoring a 3.50. Both guys have made mistakes in their first few waves of the opening minutes. In the next exchange, Slater started slow but later on eased through a series of carves and snaps and finished clean with a 6.83. Fanning responded with a solid carve, a quick snappy vertical and finished with a quick vertical over the lip.

A few minutes later, Kelly took off on a wave starting strong with a series of solid verticals but nosedived on the last turn and earned only a 5.60. Five minutes later, Fanning got into another wave and started with a beautiful carve, then a floater above the lip, added another carve before he stepped off his board as the wave closed out. He earned a 6.50 to further push his lead up.

There was another exchange in the dying minutes of the heat but both surfers didn’t get good scores to further add up to their heat totals. As time ran out, Fanning emerged the winner with a total heat score of 13.50 against Slater’s 12.43.

Watch the full replay below: