Soli Bailey Wins Volcom Pipe Pro

Soli Bailey Wins Volcom Pipe Pro | Photo Credit : WSL

Soli Bailey became one of the only four people in the world to ever win the coveted Volcom Pipe Pro trophy. Aside from two-time winner Kelly Slater, four-time winner John John Florence, and Jamie O’Brien who won it once, nobody else ever won the Volcom Pipe Pro in its past seven years of existence until now.

John John Florence at Volcom Pipe Pro | Photo Credit : WSL

The World Champ John John Florence looked like he was going to nab his fifth win, but he lost in the semifinal round against Bailey and Colapinto. That’s when it was definite that a new winner will be crowned, but no one predicted it would be Bailey.

21-year old Australian, Soli Bailey, surprised everyone with his win at the Pipe. He was matched up with some of the world’s best in the final heat including former World Champion Adriano De Souza, Pipe favorite Bruce Irons, and San Clemente’s next big thing Griffin Colapinto.

Adriano de Souza at Volcom Pipe Pro | Photo Credit : WSL

The waves were difficult and were hard to read during the finals. But despite having to switch boards mid heat, Bailey was the only one to have found rhythm. He constantly fended against De Souza who was aggressively paddle-battling with him for priority. Bailey found a solid backdoor tube and got the highest single wave score of the heat (7.33). De Souza was unable to find anything to answer back and the young surfer from Oz took the win with a significant margin.

Griffin Colapinto at the Volcom Pipe Pro | Photo Credit: WSL

Colapinto was aggressive and took off on the most number of waves. He had a total of 8 but was unable to score a big one. On the other hand, Bruce Irons waited patiently for the perfect wave but it never came for him this time. Both Colapinto and Irons were on a combination situation needing combo scores to snatch the lead but time ran out and the heat was over.

Bruce Irons at Volcom Pipe Pro | Photo Credit: WSL

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