Sharp Eye Disco Cheater Review

What the Sharp Eye site says about the Disco Cheater:

‘This is a new addition to the disco series. The disco cheater is a copy of the disco model with all its features. The same rocker, foil and concaves. We simply re created the outline by adding more area overall making it more stable and easier to catch waves on those very small surfing days.

The disco cheater still turns like the disco and it should be a great addition to the quiver if you want a more relax design that can go on anything.’

25.5 - 40LVolume
small to chest highIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The Discocheater is a much more fuller version of the original Disco Model. By the looks and feel of it, this model will be a fan favorite real quick.” – bunker_boardshops on Instagram

“This thing is going to be a floater.” – ryanfromfl on Instagram

“Summer isn’t looking so bad if you have one of these under your feet!” – AJ Wright on Instagram

Size chart:

No videos found for this model

Here are Instagram pictures we found of the Sharp Eye Disco Cheater:


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