Shark Smashes Surfer Off His Board At Injidup in South West Australia

Photo Source: Facebook

Photo Source: Facebook

A surfer got smashed off his board at Indijup beach break in Yallingup, in South West Australia. He was hit hard by a shark, so hard that his board split in half. The surfer named Fraser Penman, from Perth fell off his board after the impact. His brother intervened by paddling towards him and handed him his board to paddle on. The brothers were unharmed.

Fraser’s Facebook post gave credit to his brother’s courage. He wrote, “Scariest moment of my life, yet walked away intact with nothing but a smashed board, The biggest thank you to my lil brother Logan for instantly paddling across yelling ‘punch it’ and throwing me his board – saving my life. That takes a hell of a lot of courage and so much love. I am truly lucky to have you.”

In the past several weeks, the incident has become the second close call in the area. Weeks ago, two surfers were forced to flee the lineup after a shark cruised beneath them at a nearby spot, The Point. The shark was so big, that they thought it was a whale.

The area’s water temperature has recently been unusually very cold. It plunged dow to 15 degrees, which is two notches less than the average temperature. For this winter, it was mostly a quiet one for shark sightings in South West Australia, though there were reports of a 6m Great White shark lurking around the boat ramp surf spot in Port Augusta.