Shark Deterrent Modom SharkLeash Product Released

Photo Credit: Sharkbanz

Photo Credit: Sharkbanz

Modom Surf has recently released its shark deterrent surf leash product called the SharkLeash. Modom has partnered withSharkbanz to create a stylish and functional surf leash that integrates the use of Sharkbanz Magnetic Technology to help surfers reduce risk of Shark attacks.

Senior marine biologists and chemists have taken several years to develop the technology, which creates an electromagnetic field designed to irritate the electrical sense of sharks. The shark’s electrical receptors will detect the electromagnetic field around the surfer within a distance of approximately 2 meters.

Although sharks will not be able to detect the field beyond this distance, when multiple surfers are wearing the Modom SharkLeash, the magnetic fields may overlap consequently amplifying the deterrent effect. The deterrent leash is configured to only affect sharks and will not cause any harm on nearby sea creatures.

Watch Mark Mathews, Modom Ambasador, share his insights on the all new Sharkleash product in the video below.

Modom SharkLeash Product Details