Shane Dorian Wins Twin Fin At Maldives

Shane Dorian has once again displayed his expertise in twin fins by winning the Twin Fin Division at the Four Seasons Maldives Surfing Champions Trophy for the second year in a row.

Dorian was in great shape riding a number of long tubes at the Sultans while rallying on his rail surfing on the 4ft walls that have been abundant all day. The big-wave charger has been able to score a heat total of 16.24 to beat Jamie O’Brien in the Final.

After a challenging single fin round for O’Brien, he was keen to take back the spotlight on the twin fin. And he was able to score impressive waves on the twin fin to get him to the final.

On the other hand, Bethany Hamilton had an outstanding performance considering that she has only had a few days of practice. She made it look seamless as if she was on a thruster. Unfortunately, her great wave scores were not enough to progress to the semifinals for the Twin Fin Division. Now she has her eyes set on the upcoming thruster division.

Single Fin Division winner Taj Burrow was looking to get a good result from the Twin Fin contest to make an overall final appearance but he was not able to find solid scores this time around.

Rob Machado came short of back-to-back finals appearances as he faced Shane Dorian in the semifinals. Their heat was filled with consistent waves and the two friends went wave after wave posting excellent scores. Machado had an incredible heat total of 18.00 out of a possible 20.00 but Dorian had won by a slim 0.77 margin.

Meanwhile, Local trials winner Hussein ‘Iboo’ Areef’s stylish backhand was not enough to get him better scores on this Twin Fin day.

Travis Logie has shown incredible performance at the Sultans using a twin fin. The South African goofyfooter posted a solid heat score of 14.97 but it was not enough to overcome O’Brien’s higher score from his excellent tube riding.

Following the Twin Fin contest will be the Thruster Division, and all competitors have their eyes set on the Thruster final win.

The Two Finalists with their Twin Fin Craft.  Image Source:

The Two Finalists with their Twin Fin Craft. Image Source: