Scottish Wave Pool?

Wave Garden Scotland | Photo Credit: Wavegarden

It looks like Scotland is getting its own wave pool. As more wave pool plans hatch all over the globe, another wave pool plan is in the works in Scotland. The Craigpark Quarry pit near Ratho is the proposed site to house another Wavegarden wave pool. It is going to make use of Wavegarden’s latest technology referred to as The Cove.

The Cove is a diamond-shaped wave pool and is regarded as a superior version of the first Wavegarden tech that had a lagoon-type design. This new tech is expected to produce 2.1m high barrels and pump more than 1000 waves in an hour at a rate of one wave every 4 seconds.

A cafe, a car park, sports facilities, self-catering lodges, retail outlets and a large country park for runners, cyclists and walkers ware part of the plan to go along with the wave pool project. Permits are still being secured to move forward with the project, and Wavegarden is optimistic about it.

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