Santa Cruz Pro 2016 Round 2 Wraps Up

Bumpy, 3 foot conditions prevailed in Round 2 of the Santa Cruz Pro 2016. The surfers moved back to Praia de Fisica, the event’s primary location for the second round.

Vicente Romero took over the first heat for Round 2 finishing with a total score of 14.83. His powerful turns produced an 8.33 which have helped him earn a ticket for the third round.

Andy Criere has established himself as a threat by nailing a high scoring wave of 9.10 delivering a 16.6 total for his Round 2 heat. Criere has exhibited a variety of maneuvers and surfed the long left to post the highest single score this far in the event.

Brothers Tom and Nelson Cloarec of France both have advanced into the third round after finishing first and second place in Heat 4. Nelson Cloarec has defeated Dylan Groen of Germany by a narrow margin.

Jose Ferreira has been able to keep his momentum and was able to bring his surfing to a higher level with an excellent 8.50 wave in heat 7 and finishing with at total of 15.47. He continues to be a threat in this QS1,000 event.

The original plan of running the women’s quarterfinals right after the men’s second round has not push through when the strong side-shore breeze prevented it. This has wrapped up Day 3 of the inaugural Santa Cruz Pro 2016.