Red Bull Cape Fear Goes LIVE

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Red Bull Cape Fear 2016 begins today Where 16 surfers will battle out for supremacy. This Red Bull Special Event will be Live from 11AM +AEST.

The Event is closed to spectators due to safety reasons but it will be broadcasted live at

Here is the match up for the Round 1 Battles

Justin Allport (Aus) v Jesse Polock (Aus)
Blake Thornton (Aus) v James “Rooster” Adams (Aus)
Riley Laing (AUS) v Russell Bierke (Aus)
Richie Vaculik (Aus) V Evan Faulks (Aus)
Koby Abberton (Aus) v Dean Morrison (Aus)
Jai Abberton (Aus)) v Kirk Flintoff (Aus)
Andrew Mooney (AUS) v Perth Standlick (AUS)
Ryan Hipwood (Aus) v Laurie Towner (Aus)