Owner Selling Pe’ahi Land Surrounding Jaws


The 267 acre Pe’ahi land surrounding the world-famous big wave surfing break, known as Jaws on the north shore of the island of Maui in Hawaii, is for sale.

The owner, Alexander & Baldwin Inc. has decided to liquidate the idle property with a price tag of $10.5 million.

Many Maui residents are opposing the idea of selling off the land and eventually getting it developed. The area hosts wildlife, most especially endangered species, and it also is a favorite cultural, educational and recreational space for many residents nearby. It is also a favorite destination for the world’s surfing community.

The Non-Profit Organization, Malama Hamakua Maui along with the Haiku Community Association and Maui locals have worked together to persuade the County Council to make use of a portion of Maui’s Open Space Fund amounting to $9.5 million. The fund is primarily used in preservation and protection of special regions of the island from development.

A fund raising campaign has been initiated by Malama Hamakua Maui to cover the shortfall and everyone interested to participate in helping the cause whether financially or by other means may visit hamakuamaui website for details.

Watch campaign video below: