Owen Wright On The Way To 100 Percent Recovery

Owen Right, the Australian goofy foot, who has withdrawn in 2015 from World Title contention after a heavy beating during a freesurf at the Pipe, is now recovering from the injury and looks to be on his way to 100% peak performance level.

There hasn’t been much clarity whether or not Right will ever reach peak performance again but in a recent Facebook and Instagram post, he has updated the world about his official status.

“Thought I’d update you guys on the injury. After finishing a treatment I came out wondering what the hell had happened in the last 6 months… it was a total blur. I was a bit freaked out but was feeling strangely good. Doctors assured me that it was normal at this stage and that I have turned a massive corner and I’m on the right track to 100% recovery. For the last couple months I’ve been adapting to this stage in my life… everything that has happened since this experience has given me total different feeling to my life that I’m incredibly grateful for.

Ps I’m back surfing a short board… yew

This looks to be good news for his fans and the rest of the surfing community who has been waiting for him to be back.