Mick Fanning Interested To Coach Australian Olympic Team

With the Announcement of surfing becoming an olympic sport, Mick Fanning has expressed interest to coach the Australian team. The three-time world champion has shown intentions to be part of the olympic team as coach. “In four years time I don’t think I will be at the top of my game so I would be honoured to be a coach or mentor,” he told The Guardian.

The Australian pro surfers have been dominant in the world stage. 14 of the past 18 world surfing championships for the women’s category have been won by Australian surfers as well as two of the past 4 championships in the men’s category. Currently, Matt Wilkinson and Tyler Wright are on the top of the Jeep Leaderboard for the world championship in their respective categories. Isabella Nicholls, Nikki van Dijk and Jack Freestone have recently been crowned winners in the junior world championships.

Mick Fanning is confident in the current roster of Australian professional surfers. He mentioned “Stephanie Gilmore, Sally Fitzgibbons and Tyler Wright have been leading the way but we have a really good depth of field for the women’s team as well.”

Fitzgibbons has expressed her enthusiasm when asked about the olympics, she said “It’s been my dream to be an Olympian since I was eight years old. To think I now have the chance to work towards my goal is beyond exciting. We have such a rich surf history within our country and the Olympic dream is a huge incentive for all our Australian surfers to aim for over the next four years.”

Tyler Wright has also shown the same enthusiasm. “In Australia it’s a thing we grow up watching – we watch all of it,” Tyler said. “It would be kind of dreamy if we got into the Olympics. We would have a solid team and I feel like we would flog everyone, so it would be amazing.”

In the next four years, many pro surfers from all over the world may have their eyes set on the olympic goal. It is just a matter of time before it will be determined who will represent their respective countries and who will win the very first olympic gold for surfing.