Mick Fanning Completes Unfinished Business With A Win At J Bay

Image Source: WSL

Image Source: WSL

Mick Fanning wins Jeffreys Bay Open witha 0.57 point lead over John John Florence. Fanning’s almost perfect score of 9.93 has helped him set a solid lead. It gave him a small margin for the total score. That small margin was all he needed to win the final.

Fanning’s performance was in a whole different level. The small waves, the fast, racy sections and the scarcity of sets did not stop him from performing his best. He was able to make use of power when necessary and was able to down-shift as needed. He made the most of every wave he rode with his fast and hard rail surfing, his cracks, carves and huge hooks. He put on a good show and proved that he deserved his fourth title at J Bay Open.

It can be remembered that fanning has been all over the news for last year’s J Bay open when he was attacked by a shark during the event. That makes his win at J Bay this year more significant when he completed his unfinished business.

Fanning did not have an easy journey to the Final. He faced formidable opponents such as Filipe Toledo in the quarterfinals and Julian Wilson in the semifinals. But his effective rail and speed surfing has been the weapon that helped bring him to the Finals and win over the air surfing weapon of John John Florence.

John John Florence, although disappointed over his loss to fanning graciously accepted his defeat. He was incredible in the Final with two massive air-reverse tricks. Although his high scores weren’t enough to grab the victory, it helped him move up the Jeep Leaderboard to World No. 2. This will be his highest ranking in his career this far.