Mick Fanning And Mason Ho Explore Glacial Surfing

Image Source: RipCurl

Image Source: RipCurl

Mick Fanning And Mason Ho Went Glacial Surfing in Rip Curl’s Comfortably Numb, an episode in Rip Curl’s The Search where some of the world’s best surfers are taken on an adventure to explore waves in places they have never surfed before. This episode was a boat trip in the far north, where the landscape and conditions were extreme.

In this episode, Mick and Mason both take on freezing water to surf beautiful waves created by glacier falling onto the water. The left hand point breaks every 4-6 hours but both guys were prepared for it.

After some waiting, the moment came when a huge chunk of ice, the size of an apartment, breaks free of the glacier and the fun began for Mick Fanning and his stoked companion Mason Ho, who had the first opportunity to surf.

Both pro surfers enjoyed the moment when they were given time off from schedules, routines and obligations in the world tour, where they can be free and go surfing like they never did before.