Kelly Slater’s Wave Pool Will Open For A Cause (Grab Your Entries!)

The most coveted wave pool by Kelly Slater will open for a cause. Kelly slater will be releasing two Golden Tickets for the lucky winner to get an exclusive access to the surf ranch and bring along his favorite buddy.

To get entries to the Golden draw, interested participants may donate at least US $10.00 to the WSL PURE, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health of the planet’s oceans.

WSL PURE, the philanthropic wing of the World Surf League, are raising funds to be used for ocean health conservation, research, education, and advocacy. Every donation over ten dollars will entitle the donor an entry for the lucky draw.

The Golden tickets entitles the winner to:

  • Ride Kelly Slater’s man-made wave and experience surfing nirvana
  • Enjoy 2 days of great food and hanging with Kelly and his friends
  • Get flown to California and stay at Kelly’s Surf Ranch

WSL PURE is focusing on four research projects, which will increase scientists’ ability to predict extreme weather events and subsequently reduce the costs associated with them: Oceans & Climate; Ocean Health and Ecosystems; Carbon Uptake and Ocean Acidification; and Sea Level Rise and Coral Reefs. By creating a generation of “surfer scientists,” WSL PURE aspires to empower global citizens to become more engaged in finding real-world solutions to ocean health.

Interested parties must submit their donations by September 12th 2016 at 11:59pm PST.
Donations may be coursed through