Kelly Slater Crosses Paths With Great White At Lowers

Great white shark

The reported increase in great white activity along the SoCal coast has been enough to discourage many wave seekers from entering the waters. Yet an actual in-the-flesh encounter did nothing to deter 11-time World Champ Kelly Slater from catching “a couple more waves”.

As Slater’s account goes, he was surfing Lowers Wednesday night when an eight-foot great white leapt out of the water about 50 yards away from him and a friend. In addition to the four other people who he says may have seen it, Surfline Cam Rewind caught the breach on video.

Despite it having been the closest he had been to a great white, Slater said Lowers + sharks somehow didn’t register with him, and the shark, he said, was a relatively small one. He posted about the experience on Instagram, mentioning nonchalantly that he stayed on to surf some more and signing off with a shaka sign.

Kelly’s laid-back Instagram post

Will this latest sighting add to the apprehension of Southern California beach goers, or will more of them shake it off as Slater did in favor of a few good waves?

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