“Just Now” : Jordy Smith’s Latest Film Release

Since Jordy’s last full length surf film back in 2013 called “Now Now,” there has not been any film release from the big guy from South Africa until recently. Jordy released a new film entitled “Just Now.”

He aims to pump people up to surf with this film, which was shot throughout Europe, South Africa, Namibia and Hawaii with filmmaker Dane Staples last year, in between his Championship Tour competitions, where he ended the year in World No. 2.

We would love to tell you to seat back and relax and enjoy the show, but we’re pretty sure you will feel an extraordinarily strong urge to grab your favorite board from your quiver and paddle into the nearest surfable wave you can find. You might not even finish the full length of the film before you find yourself scrambling to catch a wave!

But seriously, enjoy watching the film below:

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