John John Florence And Mick Fanning Throwing A Flurry Of High Scores At The Bowl

Round Four Heat Two of the 2017 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach saw an exchange of high-scoring waves between John John Florence and Mick Fanning.

Mick Fanning drew first blood on the heat and scored a good 7.83, followed shortly with a 9.93 ride which he started with a nice solid carve, a round house cut-back, another grab-rail cutback, a solid hook, a powerful layback snap, a lip-glide, and a solid closing vertical maneuver. It was a beauty to behold all the variety of moves the three-time world champ brought to the table.

Watch Mick’s wave below:

Fanning backed up his score after that with another solid 8.93 off a series of beautiful carves and turns on a bigger wave. He continued catching waves and caught another 8.0 and 7.07 later on and he finished with a total of 18.86.

But it wasn’t only Fanning who was pumped up in that heat. John John Florence caught fire on his own with a huge 9.57 ride off from a variety of multiple turns and carves off the smooth face of the wave and capped it off by spinning in the air.

Here’s John’s 9.57 ride:

Just when it seemed Mick Fanning will walk with the win for this heat, Florence took another wave with under two minutes left and he did not waste time and immediately thew up a giant alley-oop. He needed a 9.30 to steal the win from Fanning and he got an almost perfect 9.97.

Watch John John Fly:

John won the heat as time ran out and scores came in. He walked out with a 19.54 heat total out of a possible 20.00 and just 0.68 ahead of Mick’s total heat score.

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