It’s Official: Surfing Joins Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Image Source: Surfline

Image Source: Surfline

Wednesday, August 3, 2016. A Decision has finally been finalized by the International Olympic Committee during their 129th IOC Session in Rio de Janiero, Brazil to add Surfing along with baseball/softball, karate, skateboard and sports climbing to the sports program for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

The 5 sports have been proposed by the Organizing Committee as a result of the flexibility that has been provided by the Olympic Agenda 2020.

It has been a two year long process to get an official decision. It all began in September 2015, with the unanimous approval of the strategic road map of IOC in 2014. Focusing on innovation is the main goal of adding flexibility to allow the Olympic Organizers to add new sports to the Olympics and it is also meant to further engage the youth.

Their aim is to encourage the young athletes to grab the opportunity of their lives to compete in the greatest sporting stage in the world. Tokyo 2020 Olympic games will rely heavily on existing and temporary venues to stage the competitions for the 5 new additional sports. As for surfing, there is no clear indication yet whether the competition will be run on a wave pool or in the ocean.

Japan is home to existing surfing culture and the country is blessed with abundance in surfing spots worthy for international competition.