Futures Releases Fin Made From Reclaimed Wood And Recycled Plastic

RWC Keel Fin | Photo Credit: Green Dot

Futures Fins has just released a new environmentally friendly SUP fin. The fin is called the RWC Keel and is made from wood-plastic composite. The environmentally friendly biocomposite-based fin meets and exceeds in some aspects traditional performance demands.

The wood-plastic composite that Futures used for the fin is made by a company called Green Dot Bioplastics. In less-scientific terms, it’s made of old wood and recycled plastic materials. Wood, though it looks nice, is known to perform poorly. On the other hand, plastic performs well but adds to solid waste that floats around the ocean. So the developers have created a mix of both to make a fin that actually performs well, looks nice, and will not end up floating around for thousands of years.

“Futures Fins makes thousands of plastic products every year,” Green Dot’s website mentions in a release. “As surfers who manufacture equipment in Huntington Beach for other surfers, they are deeply connected to the beach and ocean. Seeing trash and plastic waste wash up on the beach was more than bothersome. The owners felt a responsibility to protect the environment and aimed to create a product that would reduce landfill waste and be as friendly to the earth as possible.”

While many surfers complain about plastic and ocean pollution, it is ironic that most ride boards made of foam and plastic materials. There have been many attempts of doing good by reducing toxic waste when creating surfing gear, so this isn’t the first time that Futures has attempted to create something a little less toxic.

If Futures continues to make use of similar environment-friendly material with the end goal of reducing toxic waste and the carbon footprint of the surfing industry, and if other companies will follow the same path, it will surely make a big difference.

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