Fun Conditions Greet Santa Cruz Pro Opening Day

The very first Santa Cruz Pro event launched Wednesday July 20, 2016. 2 to 3 foot waves greeted the surfers in the opening day. 8 opening heats were completed in Round One.

Andy Criere, a young and talented goofyfooter topped the day’s results with the strongest performance. He was the only surfer that was able to breach the 8.0 mark for an excellent score range.

Jhon Junior, a Portugal resident has defeated the event top seed Miguel Blanco. He got the highest mark in his opening round heat surpassing the score of Titouan Boyer, the recent Peña Txuri Junior Pro Sopela winner.

Tom Cloarec, currently ranked European No. 12 topped the last heat of the day with his 11.0 total paving his way for round 2.

Watch Day 1 Highlights Below: