Florence Assures Knee Is Not A Problem For Hurley Pro

Current WSL World Number 1, John John florence arrived Monday at the Hurley Pro Venue wearing tape around his right knee. He wasn’t limping and showed no signs that the knee injury is bothering him when he went into the water.

Two weeks ago John John Florence left the water before the buzzer sounded off to complete the Finals heat with Kelly Slater at the Billabong Pro Tahiti.

Florence sought medical attention after the Tahiti event, according to John’s camp, he was cleared to surf at the Hurley Pro.

During a meeting on Tuesday, John told the press, “It’s all good now, It’s just a little tweak, and I’ve been doing some recovery over the last couple of weeks. I’m really stoked. I’ve been surfing the last couple of days, and it feels awesome, so I’m just happy to be surfing this event.”

Florence has shown nothing but optimism for the event which runs between September 7-18, but the entire world, his fans, friends and critics will be on the lookout and will judge whether he is truly at his 100%

Florence will first compete in Heat 6 of Round One, where he is matched up with trials winner Brett Simpson, and rookie Davey Cathels.