Ella Williams Wins Medoc Ocean Lacanau Pro

Image Source: WSL

Image Source: WSL

August 21, 2016, Ella Williams wins Medoc Ocean Lacanau Pro event of the World Surf League’s Women’s Qualifying Series 1000. Williams won her maiden World Surf League Qualifying Series event over Justine Dupont.

The final heat of the QS1000 event ran in 3 foot conditions on the famous French beach break.
Williams previously won a ninth placer at the World Surfing Games in Costa rica less than a week ago.

Williams and Dupont had a tight battle in the fading swell. They were primarily banking medium scores in the first half of the final heat, then Dupont took over and scored a 6.0 to gain the lead. Williams answered back with a similar ride but had only a 5.43.

Williams, a former World Junior Champion in 2013, continuously made effort to reach the line-up first to keep priority and catch her choice of wave for most of the final heat. This allowed her to catch the ultimate wave where she executed multiple backhand turns that earned her an excellent 8.17 score and grab the win.

Williams decided to skip the next event in France and will head to Spain to focus on a bigger QS6000 event which will run on August 30.