Dave Rastovich Leaves Billabong And Signs Up As Patagonia Ambassador

Dave Rastovich is leaving two-decade sponsor, Billabong, and professional surfing and is transitioning into an ambassador role at Patagonia.

Being one of surfing’s great enigmas, Dave has always been attracting the spotlight with his supreme surfing talent. For 20 years, Rasta has been an integral part of Billabong’s diverse team and made his mark in the golden age of surf cinema.

Dave has a fond history with Billabong. The brand has given him the privilege to live a life that many other surfing enthusiasts can not even comprehend. Rasta has evolved to a point where he no longer considers surfing professionally as a main priority.

Patagonia brand does not have team riders but makes use of ambassadors, a role which Rasta will now be taking on. This move will remove Dave from the spotlight of professional surfing, which many fans may not be so happy to hear.