Conner Coffin Puts On Rip Curl Brand

Conner Coffin, an incredible Championship Tour Rookie in 2016 World Surf League is now part of the Rip Curl team after previously being part of the Hurley team along with 2016 World Champion, John John Florence.

With Conner’s new contract with Rip Curl, he will now be in the same team as Mick Fanning, Gabs and Matt Wilko. He will most likely be a part of future “The Search” trips and edits too.

Conner said in a press release: ”I’m so grateful to have this opportunity with Rip Curl, To be a part of a brand that has stayed so true to surfing over the decades is awesome. I think we have similar goals, and I’m so excited to have their support on the Tour at this stage in my career. It’s a great crew, and going on Search trips with some of my favourite surfers doesn’t sound too bad either.”

”I’m fired up right now, and I want to stay that way,” Coffin continued. ”I feel like I learned a lot my first year on tour, and from here, it’s just trying to keep stepping it up with each event. I’d be really stoked to finish 2017 in the top 10.

And now, being a part of Rip Curl, I have something else to look forward to – The Search. When I first started surfing, the first movie I ever had was the Searching for Tom Curren series. I grew up watching those over and over and over. That’s where I learned to bottom turn, and it’s where I fell in love with surfing. That aspect of The Search really grabbed me as a kid, and Tom is still one of my favourite surfers. Having the opportunity to be a part of all that is just so insane.

I think that what’s so intriguing about the Search is that Rip Curl goes out and finds places that I’ve never heard of, that I didn’t even think would have waves – and the waves there are better than I could even imagine. So hopefully I end up in the middle of nowhere, getting barrelled for a really long time. That’s the dream.”